Alternative Trekking Sangalle - Colca Canyon
3D / 2N

Sangalle - Colca Canyon

Sangalle (2, 100 meters alituted) is located in Colca Canyon - Cabanaconde . 2 hrs and 30m trekking downhill from Cabanaconde.

Formerly Sangalle was a very important place for local people in Colca Canyon because of the existence of fruit trees, but suddenly there was a terrible plague that began turning bad all those fruits.

Nowadays Sangalle is a charming tourist spot and a refreshing place to recover the energy spent during your trekking.

This magical and unique place is best known for local people as the “OASIS”, because of its wonderful location and its green vegetation that is surrounded by dry mountains. This Oasis is located at the bottom of the canyon next to the Colca River. It has beautiful gardens and natural pools that it helps against the burning sun. Without a doubt Sangalle is a place we definitely recommend it.

oasis palmeras sangalle
View of Sangalle from Cabanaconde

Explore Colca Canyon - Cabanaconde - Sangalle

This is another way to explore Colca Canyon – Cabanaconde, so If you just want to relax and enjoy from the views of Colca Canyon, this short trekking to Sangalle is for you.

The tour involves travelling by local bus from Arequipa to Cabanaconde. Pachamama team will meet you at the Viewpoint of Cruz del Condor . Watching Condors in the afternoon is a different experience. We will also stop at the great lookout of Tapay where we can see the villages and the mountains of Sepregina and Bomboya. Stay a night at our Hostel Pachamama.

The second day we do the loop from Cabanaconde to Sangalle which it is 6 hrs or you can just decide to walk 2 hrs and 30 minutes down to the bottom - Sangalle. We start early to avoid the sun and we will reach by the afternoon to Sangalle and just relax.

The following day we stay at Sangalle till midday and enjoy from the quietness of this place, most hikers will depart Sangalle early. We climb to Cabanaconde in the afternoon in order to reach Cabanaconde before the sunset. Enjoy from the Sunset on the way back to Cabanaconde.

Last day, you return to Arequipa with the Tourist bus. You can also join to a second chance to see Condors in the morning and continue the tour with the Tourist Bus.

This trekking Tour is only organized by Pachamama and we do our best so you can have the best experience. See more pictures of Sangalle.

Alternative Trekking Sangalle - Colca Canyon
3D / 2N

1st Day

Arequipa - Cruz del Condor - Cabanaconde

We pick you from your hotel and take you to the terminal. The bus is at 9 am. This trip is 6 hrs. We meet you at the lookout of Cruz del Condor 14:00. See Condors and enjoy from the viewpoint of Cruz del Condor and the Lookout of Tapay. 1 Night at Pachamama.

2nd Day

A Option
Cabanaconde – San Juan de Chuccho
Coshñirwa - Malata - Sangalle

We depart early at 7 am, after breakfast, to San Juan de Chuccho. Lunch in San Juan de Chuccho. We continue to Sangalle via Coshñirwa and Malata. We spend the night in Sangalle.

Trekking time: 5 hrs. TO 6 hrs.

Cabanaconde - San Juan de Chuccho: 1,200 m level difference. Downhill

San Juan de Chuccho - Coshñirwa - Malata: 600 m level difference. Gradually Uphill

Malata - Sangalle: 550 m level difference. Steep Downhill.


B Option
Cabanaconde – Sangalle

We can visit the Viewpoint of San Miguel and Achachiwa. After Lunch We can just go straight to Sangalle and enjoy from the pools.

Trekking time: 2 hrs 30 m.

Cabanaconde - Sangalle Downhill

3rd Day

Sangalle - Cabanaconde

You have a free morning, we can explore the River or just relax in the Pools. Most hikers will leave Sangalle in the morning. We have lunch in Sangalle.

At 2pm we climb back to Cabanaconde, we can also arrange a Mule to climb. This part of the trekking is the challenge. It takes about 3 hrs. and 30m to get to Cabanaconde. We enjoy from the sunset by the time we reach to Cejana Viewpoint.

Sangalle - Cabanaconde: 1, 200 m level difference. Uphill.

4th Day

Cabanaconde - Arequipa Or Puno

You can do a second chance to see Condors in the morning at 7am or take the Tourist bus to Arequipa.

The places that you will see with the bus is the Viewpoint of Antahuillque, Choquetico and Maca Village. Here more information for the bus from Cabanaconde to Arequipa.

You can also continue to Puno from Cabanaconde. Bus service from Tourist Bus Cabanaconde to Puno , you can pay an additional$50.00 USD for this service.

Why Choose This Tour With Us?

A tour that it is different from other travel agencies.

Generate greater incomes to locals and the village of Cabanaconde, especially our local guides.

Minimize the Negative Social Impact.

Provides more enjoyable experiences connections with local people.

We promote conservation and respect the nature by recycling and not polluting.

We paid a fair price to our local guides.

Small Groups and personalized.


Most of all lodges that are found inside Colca Canyon are very basic and rustic, which it converts into an special experience. Modernization is very slow due to the accessibility and thereby, improving its structures is a matter of time and money, probably by the time you read something has been improved. On the other hand Auto Colca does not supports its owners to improve themselves in their service quality. THe bungalows at Sangalle will make your visit something special and you will get the experience og being be out of touch of the entire modernization.

In Sangalle the bungalows are just simple rooms most of them made of adobe and metal roof (most with shared bathrooms, no hot water, no electricity in the rooms), so do not expect much comfort in these places. The food is basic and not at the Menu, they all have shops where you can buy water, beer, sodas and snacks, make sure you bring enough cash because there is not Bank or atm. Every bungalow has natural pools, but they are not hot springs and water is tepid. The water that fills the pools come from a natural water spring found on the way to the bridge.

sangalle pool
Pools at Palmera's bungalow at Sangalle


The trail from Sangalle to Cabanaconde is the most challenging of the trekking. It is 1, 200 meters level difference from the bottom to the top of Cejana. Most people will climb in 3 hours. Some people would prefer to ride a Mule which it can be organized from the Sangalle. There are pelnty of drivers mules offering for this service and price is $20.00 us, make sure you that your Mule is well feeded and that it does not look tired.

The best time to climb is in the morning between 5:00 am to 6:00 am. In the afternoon from 14:00 to 15:00. Do not climb after 15:00.

trekking trail sangalle
trekking trail Sangalle

Riding a Donkey from Sangalle to Cabanaconde


You can contact us in order to give you more alternative prices.

condors at Cruz del Condor
Pictures taken at Cruz Del Condor 3,700 m.